♥ Tuesday, May 1, 2012♥

Ou Hello There. Im here. yes. Im back. My life as a student of Labuan Matriculation College is OVER. Yes. Its OVER. Thats mean, im not longer as a student of matriculation college. Seriously. Berat hati saya mau keluar dari pintu gate KML. Yeah. 1st time before begelar sebagai student KML, memang rasa takut. Time orientasi, my tears never stopped. Call mammy, then cakap mau balik rumah. and now. I really want 2 go there again. Can I ? Leaving my best roommates,Amanda, Suzy and Aeqa,  my awesome tutorial friends  A1T23&24 and all my new friends. I wont forget the time when we're all spend together especially 2 my tutorial friends. What a best moment in my life. 

Thanks 4 everything. and Thanks to the lecturers yang bersusah payah ajar kelas tutorial kami yang sot, nakal and so on. hehe. Thanks u. and to my friends who always bagi nasihat, ajar saya. and at last saya dapat 4flat for semester 1. Seriously, This is my 1st time dapat result macam tu. I really dont know what am I doing time PSPM Sem 1. but Thanks. and I still remembered time kelas BI, all of us tak datang until kena marah oleh lecturers. hehe. Ouhya. and thanks sebab pernah bagi tiru buat tutorial. hehe. Sharing is Caring bha kan. Well. We always like that. hahaha. 

Being a student of matriculation college is so mean 2 me. A lot of memories that I cannt forget until now. Kalau pasal Matrik, sampai esok pun tak habis cerita. weee. I'll try 2 make it short. Hari keusahawanan, Running KML, sukanneka Telematch, Giant Chess, Fairytales, Accounting Day out, Bengkel and so on. Memang banyak aktiviti. Time di matrik lah, saya banyak belajar. and tempat tu lah juga saya banyak sedar. Thanks guys. I love you all. You're all the best. Im gonna  miss you all. and I just hope that maybe somehow we can get into the same uni. by the way happy holidays. Enjoy your 4 months at home. hehe. and good luck 4 ur result. 

PS:  Dear tears. why do you suddenly fall ??? 

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