♥ Wednesday, November 9, 2011♥

Dear Diary. I know you miss me. Tell me the truth and please Dont lie. Lying isn't good for you. and im sorry for not being here for a few month. I have to forget you. but now. I need you. Suddenly and I miss you. and I want to write something for you.

Ouh Before that. Hello there. How are you ?? I know u're having a great life out there. Same as me. I think. Being a Student of Matriculation Labuan wasnt bad at all except for the orientation week. Read This. But after that. you all will enjoy it. Knowing each others from Sabah and Sarawak. Sitting together with our own roommates. Having fun with tutorial friends. A lots of activity and games that had been given for us. but you can see that Labuan is small. and I think Lahad Datu ( my hometown ) is better than Labuan. Labuan is just like in the hell. Ouh god. I need more water. and the food of KML at cafe A and B langsung tidak sedap. Why im stuck in Labuan ?? ok nevermind. At least I enjoy my life at there. and I know you will love it even just for only 1 year. Someday, when my life as a student of Matriculation is Over, im gonna miss everything about Matriculation College. Im always proud to be a KML-ians

Im in Holidays mood now. No more Homework. No more Kuliah and Tutorial. but sadly only for 2 weeks. so pity. and fuuuuhhhhhhh. Sem 1 is over. Just wait for the result. About the exam ?? just dont say anything ok. Sem 1 is over. and sem 2 is coming. ouh Great. Im going back to KML on 18 of November 2011. So. Here we go again. Stay up late. Waking up early in the morning with panda's eyes. and im getting tired and tired and tired.

Sorry for the grammar mistakes. Im still not good at grammar. Just preparation for Muet Test on 19 Nov 2011. Ok. Good night.

I RANTED @ 8:10 AM