♥ Tuesday, May 17, 2011♥

Yeahhh. This is me. The new me. Lol. Only the hairstyle is different. Im still me okey. I'm Still the lilltle girl who want 2 learn everything. A young girl who have to think whats going on after this. A girl who always wanted 2 be mature since in form 4 until now but people said im still not mature enought, but I hope I will. Yess. I will. Someday. Im still a girl who wanted 2 be like other people, not copycat from peoples style ok. Yeahh. I know I should be the way I am. The originality me. What I mean is I just want 2 be like those who succeed in life. A girl who always wanted 2 be the best among the best. And so on......

I RANTED @ 8:28 PM