♥ Monday, March 7, 2011♥


Thats my lil sis and daddy.

Patrick Chong Yen Ming has been given by my beloved gong-gong and popo ( grandpa and grandma ) . My daddy was born on 8 Mac 1964 and count his age if you want 2 know it. Pandai Math kan kamu ?? oho. so what date is today ?? today is special day for my dad. and tarikh kematian grandpa saya. :( . He works as a Medical Assistant at Hospital Lahad Datu. Mix Blood. Chinese mix Kadazan equal 2 Sino-Kadazan. But his children doesnt have a chinese name. hehe. Weird. Owkey. About my dad. He is the best dad for me. Always give what his children want. Always give some advise and support his children. Sometimes he always make people smile . Do what the best for all people around him. Kalau buat salah, memang garang. ooo. I love my dad so much as I love myself.

"Daddy, im sorry if I do anything wrong before. saya tahu. daddy marah-marah dulu sebab daddy sayang. Lagipun salah saya juga. oho. Daddy, sorry arrhh. kalau result Spm saya teruk kaa. yeah result SPm belum lagi keluar. tapi saya semakin takut. Saya selalu mimpi buruk pasal result SPM. jadi saya semakin takut. Kalau result okey pun , saya bersyukur dah. Sorry kalau saya ada buat dosa sama daddy sebelum nie."

Daddy, Thanks sebab selalu ada temankan saya time saya minta temankan. Thanks sebab selalu reload kan kredit saya. hehe. Thanks sebab selalu bagi apa yang saya inginkan. oho. Thanks sebab dulu pernah cuba buat saya tersenyum time saya sedih. Saya ingat lagi time dulu tue. hehe

And the last. Happy Birthday Daddy. I Love you.


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