♥ Monday, January 3, 2011♥

Hello Bloggie. Long Time No See. Haha. How are u ?? :PP Okey. Sorry for not being here. Yesterday. School time is Back. But not me. :(. Ouh I wish I can go to school. I really miss my School. miss my teacher. miss my friends. 5 years together with friends at st.dominic. Laught together. Share some story together. Exam together. kena denda also together. haha. no more school assembly every Tuesday morning. no more school canteen. :(
"Ouh my dear friends, where can we meet again. I really miss u all. Saya harap tiada lah yang sombong2 nie lepas 3 bulan kita jumpa lagi"

Talk about 3 months. Just stay at home. I really want 2 find a job. but no transport. How can I go if nobody send me there. So thats the problem. I am sooooooooooooo Jealous 2 my friends. Ada kerja. Jadi ada juga duit sendiri tu. Next weak, I only go to Driving Class only. weee. tapi boring sana. tiada kawan. Harap2 ada kawan lah. Ouhya. and 1 more. Dalam 3 month nie. Tiba2 rajin baca novel. hehe. !
So today. PLKN bermula but only for people in batch 1. Haizz. I wish im in batch 1 too. but I have 2 wait eaither im in batch 2 or 3. and btw Gud luck for all of you who in batch 1. Sedialah kamu berkhidmat. :P

Okey boys and girls. I dont know what 2 do. and its fucking bored for the whole day. Nothing 2 do. and im trying 2 be active again in this bloggie. hehe Bye2 there.

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