♥ Wednesday, September 8, 2010♥

Hello there Bloggie Woggie. Miss me?? Haha. Sorry peeps. I know its been a long time I didn't updated my blog. Actually I'm on this site http://trullyeva.tumblr.com/ (TUMBLR) yeahh. I just no idea and don't know what to write in hear. huh. and my bloggie become quiet already not as before. Well. I always active and open this bloggie since in form 3. But now, I use tumblr. but I still want to write something in here.
My life is getting great but a lil bit stress. Ehh/ not a lil bit lh. bt more STRESS. huh. Since that SPM is getting closser, and I'm stiil not ready yet. Haha. I know. 1 more month left. not including holidays. Day by Day. I become more lazyness than before. lol. Sorry Mummy Daddy. I know and I should learn my mistake. If only time can back to all past, Sure. I will do it.
( huh?? I think I just open my mouth only but never do it )
Okey. I always like that. ==' . Sorry again. Yeahh thats true. bcoz all of my exam paper for Percubaan SPM 1 decline. All subject I think. Emm not all. even that I got A in math also decline but still A. hehe. ! I always want 2 get A+ on my math but i think i cann't. hmm. Just try it lh.
Okey lah Thats all. Will post again if I got an idea to write something. Bye .!

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