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Hey All. i'm back. Okey I got a lot of story 2 tell u all. but i didn't post all of it. only a few lahh.

Its been a long time i didn't updated this messy bloggie. Its all becouse of stupid exam. since tomorrow is Hari Guru for st.dominic. so I just say Happy Teachers Day for all teacher. Ok back to my exam. Its was suck men! my history. I though i'm ganna fail this subject. but when teacher say

" Nama2 yg disebut saja lulus "

so me pun takut. but well. my name termasuk juga :) yie. but i think only 40 n above something lah. coz i'm weak in history and it make me feel so so boring when I read this book. yee. I hate this subject since in form 1 until now.

About my math. Oklah. always got A. but still not the highest mark. I love this subject bha coz its all about counting and I love number. :) but add math?? i think i'm not ganna pass this. Sangat2 susah nie :( paper 1 n paper 2. woohoo. i cann't do well even that it is fun for me.

Prinsip Perakaunan?? wooo. i got c only. so bad. i never got c. i always got in B. i can do dokumen n the nmbr seimbang but still wrong. uh. only the pembubaran perkongsian, i can get the full mark. 12 mark only mah. and the rest. Bingung Bingung bha. huhu. i hope i can improve it.

Sarima ou sarima, ajar sy akaun. :(

Pjk and svk yg sy anggap x penting sgt. emm menyesal x study 2 sbjk.

Bm and Bi. i don't know if i can score good mark. teacher give us the questions that will be on a exam for essays. and me? well bermati2 menghafal essay and also literature. nduk bha. but when the exam bm and bi were start, me jadi @@ . I didn't remember the essay and also literature. So i trying 2 remember n remember n remember. and i only got the main point only. eyeeerrrr. Pelupa ini.

OK and the rest. no comment lah. I can do the rest but not all. coz me last2 minute baru study. huhu.



Ok this is happen on 2 May 2010. Ok 1st i don't want 2 follow. but i miss my unduk ngadau zaman kecil2 dahulu. so i want 2 try it lah. emm don't want lah. I can say that me masi Ragu Ragu. In my mind at that time only 2 word.


At last. I didn't follow it. lazy. but when i'm at there, Gereja Kunak. Happie's mummy want me 2 follow it

Aunty : Eva, kau ikut lh unduk ngadau

Eva : Emm. ( sambil2 goyang kepala tanda x mau ikut )

Aunty : Ikut lah.

Eva : ( smile only with no response )

Aunty : Ini orang pun sy paksa dia ikut unduk ngadau juga ( dengan menunjuk org yg tengah bermekap )

Eva : ( Masih Ragu2 Lagi. )

Naa. My mummy tiba2 ask me if me want follow or not but still no response. and then she want me 2 take that baju kadazan and also yg... Emm don't know whats the name. Ok me pun terpaksa ikut. so. dengan make up and baju2. huhu. I hate make up ok especially the lipstick.

Time tengah2 panas dengan peluh yg banyak. :(

My daddy laugh at me. coz i always look down. haha.

Yieee. with the smile. tadaaa :)

And The winner is...............ME. haha. i don't know why i'm the Ratu. but Thnks for choosing me. lolx

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Wooohooo. Dengan Bangganya

Snap 1

Snap 2

Snap 3

People who are Short like me pun boleh menang. haha! Ouhya. 30 and 31 is the day for all kadazan and dusun celebrate Kaamatan Days. Yiieee. I wish all of Sabahan People Happy Kaamatan Days


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